Airport management

Aéropro has more than thirty years of expertise in Airport Management including staff training in airport operations.


Aéropro is currently the manager of the following airports:

  • The Magdalen Islands;

  • Montmagny / L'Isle-aux-Grues

  • Havre-Saint-Pierre

  • Edmundston (NB)


Our services:

  • Management of an aerodrome ( certified or registered);

  • Provision of unicom agent (AU);

  • Provision of equipment operators
    snow removal;

  • Recruitment of an airport manager;

  • Selection and recruitment of personnel;

  • Staff training (Information) ;

  • Assessment service for your heavy equipment / machinery;

    • Analysis of your equipment needs

Main skills:

  • Air communication (Unicom and / or Unicom (AU))

  • Maintenance of grassed areas;

  • Snow removal in an airport environment;

  • Wildlife management;

  • Inspection of airport facilities;

  • Application and enhancement of a safety management system (SMS);

  • Monitoring of compliance with laws & standards related to the RAC.


Aeropro's expertise in airport management is no longer in doubt. With more than thirty years of experience in the field, it ensures, in collaboration with its partners (MTQ, TC, MRC or Municipalities), the sound management of an airport in accordance with the regulations in force.