Founded in 1988, Aéropro, a 100% Canadian company with its head office in Quebec, specialized in its beginnings in the chartering of business aircraft and gradually added a range of aeronautical services. The various services offered by Aéropro are as follows:


Aircraft maintenance service


From its bases in Quebec, Sept-Îles and Blanc Sablon, Aéropro offers various aviation companies and aircraft owners a maintenance and hangar service at its three bases. With around twenty mechanics, Aéropro has been offering this service since 1988 for various types of aircraft ranging from a flight school's Cessna to business jets. Aéropro has all the tools and an appreciable inventory of spare parts.


Although the aircraft maintenance sector is the main activity of our company, we have diversified our service offering over the years.


Meteorological services


Since 1995, Aéropro has been providing meteorological services for various organizations such as: Environment Canada, Nav Canada, Hydro-Quebec (glacimetry). Currently, Aéropro operates for Nav Canada, on a 24-hour per day basis, meteorological readings at stations in Dorval, Chibougamau and Gaspé.


In addition, Aéropro carries out aerological surveys at Sept-Îles Airport for Environment Canada.


We also do weather and snow measurements at Quebec Airport.


For Hydro-Quebec, we carry out glacimetry reports at various airports.



Airport management


Since 1988, Aéropro has developed expertise in the management of regional airports.


Indeed, certain officers of the company, such as Messrs Richard Légaré and Aurèle Labbé, have been involved since 1984 in the management of airports with the company Quebec Aviation Ltée. This company was the first to develop this new niche with the management of airports such as:


- St-Georges de Beauce,

- Gatineau / Hull,

- Trois-Rivières


Since its beginnings in 1988, Aéropro has continued to develop this activity with Mr. Richard Légaré, manager of Trois-Rivières Airport. Indeed, with the experience that our staff has acquired at this airport, Aéropro has obtained the management of the following airports:


Trois-Rivières Airport 1988 to present

Bonaventure Airport 1991 to present

Havre-St-Pierre Airport 2009 to present

Gaspé Airport 2001 to present

La Tuque Airport 2012-2015

Montmagny Airport 2013 to present

Isle-aux-Grues Airport 2013 to present

Edmundston Airport (NB) Under negotiation

St-Léonard Airport (NB) Under negotiation

Rivière-du-Loup Airport 2003 to 2012

Iles-de-la-Madeleine Airport 2005 to present

Sherbrooke Airport 2003 to 2010

Blanc Sablon Airport 2000 to 2005

Bagotville Airport 1991 to 2004

Bromont Airport 2002 to 2003





Depending on the mandates entrusted to us by the airport owners, the type of management we carry out in the different airports can vary a lot and may include the following tasks:


1. Unicom service and weather report;  

2. Maintenance and snow removal of trails and parking and traffic areas;  

3. Marking and sealing of asphalt surfaces;  

4. Sale of aviation gasoline;  

5. Collection of airport charges;  

6. Relations with Transport Canada;  

7. Preparation and updating of Emergency Operations Manuals and SMS;  

8. Supervision of construction and improvement works;  

9. Carry out the procedures for the Certification of an airport;

10. Promotion and development of airport activities;  

11. Icebreaking of aircraft, ramp service (baggage, etc.).